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Are you looking for a designer bangle? Find it in this collection of bangles designs from the most beautiful and classy designs to the most unique bangle styles, Heeracollection has them all. Whether you are wearing bangles for the first time or have been using them for years, you can find the bangle style that fits perfectly on your wrist. Every design is designed to be comfortable yet stylish. Browse our flattering range of bangles for women online. Shop at Heeracollection for your next bangle style. Heeracollection is an online jewellery shop in Australiafor women of all ages. We are committed to provide you with trendiest jewellary at best price.


Types of Women’s Bangle


Bangles are typically made of metal, plastic, or glass.

Metal bangles are the most common type. Due to their durability and strength, they are often used in industrial settings. Plastic bangles can be found with a variety of colours and styles. These types of bangles offer the wearer comfort and an exciting look that is unmatched by their metal counterparts. Glass bangles are most often the result of recycled materials like bottles or jars. These types of bangles also provide their buyers with an attractive look.


Types of Women’s Bangle


Bangles are made from a variety of materials. Popular metals used to produce bangles include sterling silver, copper, brass, gold, and silver-plated nickel. The jewellery is further embellished with colored gemstones. Other materials used to produce bangles include jade, wood, glass or plastic beads. The best bangle makers can create unique bangles to reflect their unique designs.  Indian bangles of our collection are gold plated and infused with Cubic Zirconia and Kundan jewels.


Buy Bangles Online


Buy Indian bangles online from our collection of chic, stylish and affordable jewellery. Our shop has a wide selection of trendy and modern accessories in both sterling silver and gold. Shop today!  We carry a wide assortment of fashion bangles, including toggle bangles, crescent bangles, flower bangles and Celtic knots. Our silver jewellery collection includes nameplate necklaces that add a personal touch to your outfit. We also carry trendy bangles that coordinate with our selection of earrings. So, hurry up and buy online indian bangles and save more on your next jewellery purchase from our jewellery store. You can also grab the offer- Free shipping for all orders above $75 within Australia.


The Benefits of Owning a Collection


Bangles are a great way to express yourself. Having a collection of your favourite bangles showcases what makes you feel unique. You can also change up your style on the go, using different styles for different occasions. Also, bangles are not only fashionable but also give you great tactile look to your hand. Stock Up on Big Sale Bangles online Australia for spring and summer.

A great way to express yourself and change up your style is with bangles, and we have the huge collection for the same. Wear them alone or stack them with other bangles, and create a unique look that is perfect for any occasion. Look for these and other great styles in our collection of Indian bangle.




  • You can take a bangle apart and change up the look of it.
  • Bangles are interchangeable, so you can change them out to match any outfit or occasion.
  • You can wear and stack multiple bangles together to create a new look every day. The more you wear your bangles, the more they will fit you.


What to Wear with our Collection?


What do you wear with our bangles? Our collection is one of a kind and there is no wrong answer! There are bangles that will go with anything – from jeans to dresses and skirts. The versatility will allow you to dress up or dress down any outfit depending on what the occasion calls for. The pieces have been designed with the idea that you can mix and match them as much as you want. You can wear them together or apart from each other. The options are endless!

With this collection, you get to decide what to wear with our bangles.




If you are looking for a quirkily fashionable accessory, look no further than our  Indian bangle store in Australia. We have a wide variety of bangles that will keep you on trend all year long. With a wide range of colours, materials and finishes to choose from, you won’t be able to leave our selection alone. Shop with us today and find the perfect bangles for you.

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